EXE Technologies’ EXsite(TM) Users Conference Attendees Travel 900,000 Miles To Learn About EXE Solu

PHILADELPHIA, - PRNewswire -  EXE Technologies, Inc., a global provider of supply chain execution software for
eCommerce and traditional sales and distribution channels, concluded EXsite
2000, its annual international conference for users and followers of EXE
Technologies, where they hosted 127 companies from around the globe.
Ray Hood, President and CEO of EXE, opened the conference by focusing on key trends impacting the logistics industry including Internet-based business processes, multi-channel supply networks, global eMarketplaces, compressed
time-to-market requirements and increased logistics outsourcing. He described
how EXE’s recent IPO and financial growth allow EXE to expand its product and
services footprint beyond closed-loop supply chain execution and global
visibility applications, to include pre-integrated industry-specific solution
offerings. Inherent to EXE’s solutions are new and faster ways for EXE customers to compete in the marketplace.
Mr. Hood also set the direction for the evolution of EXE’s EXceed(TM) Fulfill and Collaborate product suites. In 2000, EXE delivered one-to-one
fulfillment, application service provider (ASP) deployment and enhanced
performance as part of its EXceed Fulfill Suite. This product suite will continue to mature commensurate with EXE’s industry-specific solutions.
EXceed Collaborate will expand from existing managed visibility, events and alert capabilities to extra enterprise visibility applications and
role-specific workbenches, explained Mr. Hood.
“Today’s customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives are increasing
the requirement to mass customize products, promotions, branding and packaging during the fulfillment process,” said Steve Banker, Ph.D., director of Supply Chain Solutions, ARC Advisory Group, who attended the EXsite 2000 conference.
“EXE is ahead of the market in providing industry-specific solutions that
address the one-to-one fulfillment challenges being driven by these initiatives.”
Twenty companies, including platinum sponsors IBM, i2 and
PricewaterhouseCoopers, showcased their products and services in the “Alliance
Pavilion” during the conference. EXE demonstrated how EXceed Fulfill and
Collaborate can work with third-party applications to provide value through
closed-loop supply chain execution and global “managed” visibility.  An IBM RS/6000 Server, operational during the entire conference, highlighted EXE’s
capability to process transaction volumes higher than those required by the
world’s largest distribution facilities.
The EXsite conference featured keynote addresses by Paula Puleo, partner with Peppers and Rogers Group; Dr. John Coyle, professor of Business Logistics at Penn State and executive director of the Center for Logistics Research;
John E. Nelson, midwest consumer industrial products leader with PricewaterhouseCoopers; James Daly, editor-in-chief of Business 2.0; and
Elizabeth J. Smith, general manager, Customer Solutions with IBM Corporation.
In addition to the keynote addresses, there were breakout sessions that
included case studies from companies such as Dairy Farm, Redwood Systems and
Pacific Dunlop. Other sessions addressed B2B and B2C eCommerce, international
logistics trends, reverse logistics, methods for executing and optimizing
fulfillment center operations, collaboration across trading partners, and the implications of shifting from traditional distribution to multi-channel eFulfillment.
EXE’s Retail/Grocery and Outsourced Logistics Industry Advisory Boards (IAB) used EXsite 2000 as an opportunity to meet and continue to set direction for EXE solutions.  IABs are customer-sponsored boards that influence the
direction of EXE products.  At year-end, EXE’s Industry Advisory Boards will
have affected over 20 major pieces of functionality specific to their
respective industries.
EXsite 2001 is scheduled for Oct. 28-30 in Dallas, TX.