Nortel Networks Rolls Out Industry’s First Optical Internet Certification

BOSTON - Nortel Networks, a leading global provider of Optical Internet solutions, has added the industry’s first
certification for Optical Internet professionals to the Nortel Networks
Certification Program.
Intended to help accelerate worldwide deployment of the Optical Internet,
this new track is designed to certify information technologists and networking
professionals in both enterprise and service provider environments. Optical
Internet certification testing will be available beginning in the first
quarter of next year. Preparatory training is available immediately in
selected areas.
Explosive growth of the Optical Internet marketplace has created tremendous demand for individuals who can sell, design, implement and support
new optical networks and services required globally by enterprises and service
Nortel Networks intends to use Optical Internet professional certification to help meet this demand, supporting continued growth, quality design and implementation of the Optical Internet. IBM, MetroMedia Fiber Networks and Unisys have already signed up to participate.
“Nortel Networks Optical Internet certification supports our mission to
be the leading provider of end-to-end optical network solutions,” said Charlotte Denenberg, vice president, optical infrastructure, Metromedia Fiber Network. “It strengthens Metromedia’s capabilities to build a metropolitan fiber optic infrastructure, and to enable our customers to implement the
latest data, video, Internet and multimedia applications.”
“Unisys customers are increasingly demanding optical networking for
eBusiness solutions driven by the rapid convergence of voice, video and data,”
said Andy Galt, managing director, Global Network Services, Unisys. “Nortel
Networks is setting the standard in optical networking. As part of our global relationship, Unisys is working with Nortel Networks to create certified
solutions that address our customers’ evolving eBusiness requirements.”
“Creating a pool of educated and certified people to architect, design and implement optical networks benefits not only Nortel Networks customers,
but the market as a whole,” said Don Smith, president, Optical Internet, Nortel Networks. “The Optical Internet is a vital part of the global economy.”
Nortel Networks will offer six certification designations within the
Optical Internet track, including four “specialist” level and two “expert”
level programs. The specialist level will include account specialist, support
specialist, design specialist and field specialist. Those who achieve certification as either a design specialist or support specialist will be
eligible for certification at the expert level.
Participants will be able to attend training courses first or go directly to the certification exams, which will be administered at all Authorized Prometrics Testing Centers. Training courses for the Optical Internet
certification track average three days and range in cost from US$1,000 to US$5,000. Exams will range in cost from US$100 to US$300. Costs may vary as future training and exams become available.
The Nortel Networks Certification Program also offers certification
tracks in enterprise local and wide area networking, including specialist,
expert and network architect levels of achievement. In addition to the new
Optical Internet track, Nortel Networks plans to evolve its existing architect
certification to incorporate optical content.