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Amadeus Launches

MIAMI - Amadeus Consolidator Link is the first and only service where travel agents can have instant Internet access to multiple travel consolidators via their GDS (global distribution system) desktop platform.

Introduced by Amadeus, a leading GDS and technology provider for the travel industry, Consolidator Link is a timesaving—and free—feature for travel agents using its proprietary [email protected] platform or Amadeus’ fully graphical Vista platform.

“This new feature promotes wider penetration of consolidators’ product lines to travel agencies who are hungry for new ways to save time, boost sales, and move more quickly to deliver low-cost options to customers,” said Bob Lowry, vice president of product management for Amadeus’ U.S. operations.

Amadeus has partnered with the following three consolidators—CTM Group (a division of Costamar Travel ), Trans-Am Travel and Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc—to launch Consolidator Link, with other consolidators slated to come on board soon.

“Consolidator Link is not only the first direct GDS connect of its kind to consolidators,” said Lowry, “it’s also easy to use and easy to train staff to use. It’s the initial step in our vision to provide consolidators with the widest array and most flexible channels for them to distribute product to travel agencies.”


Featuring unmatched “point-and-click” ease, Consolidator Link requires no additional hardware or software, and Amadeus charges existing users of its proprietary [email protected] platform nothing extra for access.

Benefits of “Link” Include Boosted Productivity, Faster Bookings. Consolidator Link enables Amadeus customers to instantly link to the Internet booking engine of participating consolidators. The feature provides travel agents with a direct connection within the Resources section of the Amadeus e-business platform.

“If a travel agency currently does business with consolidators,” Lowry said, “having this direct link to consolidators via Amadeus will immediately increase productivity. That’s because the link eliminates phone calls and “hold time” with consolidators, whether a travel agent is just checking fares, flight availability, or actually making a booking.”

Lowry noted that for travel agents who haven’t previously worked with consolidators, Consolidator Link gives them an unparalleled opportunity to quickly identify and deliver deeply discounted consolidator fares to their own clients while taking advantage of considerably higher commission potential.

“Consolidator Link gives the agent access at the desktop to all of the information they need, all in one place, whether they are looking for the best airfare, best commissions, or those consolidators who are best able to serve the needs of their customers,” he said.

“There are three consolidators on Amadeus Consolidator Link, which makes it pretty informative,” said Ashneel Travel’s Andy Lakhani. “Being online, it’s a great help in seeing the fares instantly. We don’t have to make calls and wait for people [in order] to learn the fares. We like that fares are updated frequently because, of course, quoted fares change constantly.”

“It’s fantastic,” agreed Gerardo Concas of CTM Group, a division of Costamar Travel. “It’s a great deal because we can now look much more easily at destinations. Searches are done much more quickly,” he said, “making reservations faster and cheaper, plus we have better productivity.”

Concas noted that:  Consolidator Link has boosted his own productivity by half in making reservations. He noted that the service also helped reduce operating costs and contributed to CTM Group’s ability to satisfy its customers.

“Impact Promotion” Offers Agents An Incentive to Use “Link”; other benefits that Consolidator Link delivers to travel agents include the ability to:

- Quickly view up-to-the-minute consolidator fares and availability
- Book reservations directly online
- Access lower-than-published airfares
- Boost sales opportunities to new and existing clients - Gain online access to higher commission levels

As an incentive to use Consolidator Link, Amadeus is running an “Impact Promotion” designed to introduce travel agents to Consolidator Link. Through November 30, $50 is paid directly to a travel agent for every 10 tickets he or she books with an individual consolidator via Consolidator Link.