Launches Web Site

New York, NY - Oct. 11, 2000, an airfare portal that searches other travel sites to allow for airline ticket comparative shopping, has announced that its site has been officially launched today.

A spokesperson for recently revealed that although the site’s official launch date is today, on October 6th when it was unofficially opened ,the site logged over 40,000 users in less than 20 minutes causing a small slow down of it’s servers; a quick weekend upgrade to handle unexpected traffic solved this slowdown.

“We are very excited about the launching of our web site today and actually we were a little surprised at all the hype that the company has been receiving, but in this new economy of web based businesses, we’re learning that nothing should surprise you when you have a good product that people want to use,” said Mark Guyer, President and CEO of’s web site offers an exhaustive search of travel and airline web sites allowing users to do comparative shopping for airline tickets. It will also offer a huge complaint board system that will allow users to have the ability to e-mail their airline complaints directly to the airlines. will also incorporate other features such as travel auctions, an airline rating system and a tracking system for airline flights.