Lanyon and British Airways launch revenue integrity solution; British Airways demonstrates Lanyon’s

London, United Kingdom—Lanyon ( today unveiled the latest phase in its strategy to become the travel industry’s premier provider of marketing distribution technology by launching a significant advance in revenue integrity automation with British Airways.
DigitalQueue(tm) for Revenue Integrity combines Lanyon’s process automation competency and rapid application development tools with British Airways’ highly touted revenue integrity methodologies. British Airways will present the solution at major industry events and offer customers the opportunity to see product demonstrations at the airline’s Waterside headquarters near London’s Heathrow Airport, where DigitalQueue is being rolled out as part of their revenue integrity strategy.

British Airways chose Lanyon because of its recent advances in marketing distribution automation. “DigitalQueue offers the most flexible and user- friendly technology available today. Lanyon really thought this out.

Revenue integrity is very fluid. DigitalQueue lets us change rules on the fly without programming intervention and Lanyon can rapidly produce new modules as opportunities are presented. I am convinced it will make a major contribution to BA’s revenue integrity gains,” said Jerry Foran, Manager Commercial Services in BA’s Revenue Management Department. Those gains were reported by BA in April of this year to be in excess of $110 million annually.

DigitalQueue for Revenue Integrity enforces airline conditions of sale, robotically identifying and responding to reservations that unnecessarily increase distribution costs or tie up perishable inventory. User defined business rules tell DigitalQueue when to send a friendly reminder, a strong warning, or to cancel the reservation outright. Already used for ticketing rules, waitlists, passives, duplicates, and no-shows, there is no limit to the integrity checks that can be automated on a 24 x 7 basis. British Airways also use Lanyon’s AUDIT 3 to target abusive booking practices and monitor the result of DigitalQueue. Combined, DigitalQueue and AUDIT 3 form a powerful revenue integrity solution that can save millions in lost revenue while significantly reducing processing and distribution costs.

“British Airways is the recognized leader in revenue integrity and it showed as we developed DigitalQueue”, said Lanyon’s President, Brad Fred. “Not only are they continuously uncovering booking trends and abuses that require corrective action, they also do a great job articulating the corrective process so we can automate it. I’ve also been impressed with their willingness to share this powerful intelligence with others in the industry. DigitalQueue for Revenue Integrity enables any airline to take back control of their inventory and distribution, producing substantial gains in revenue and yields.”