Savvio Savings

After the problems encountered by some with the blind auction style of air ticket purchase, sites have been tweaking their offerings and the latest in the low price fray is
While the fares offered on this site are always lower than the published prices and decline as time passes until all tickets have been sold, the traveller knows the full itinerary prior to purchase.
A great benefit, not available elsewhere, is that frequent flyer miles can be earned on most of these tickets. also offers an ‘AutoBuyIt’ feature, so that when the fare reaches the customers requested price, the ticket will be confirmed and issued immediately. Also an e-mail can be sent when the fare gets to the desired level.
Tickets are available for many routes both within the U.S and to Canadian and other international destinations.
Of course, all tickets are subject to availability, but is an easy-to-navigate site and should prove popular.