United Airlines announced today that its popular electronic ticket service is now available to 100% of the 259 destinations in the United and United Express worldwide network. Today’s launch of E-Ticket service to and from Brazil marks the completion of the deployment of United’s electronic ticketing product.

“In just five years, United’s E-Ticket service has gone from the drawing board to setting a new standard in air travel convenience,” said Rono Dutta, President of United Airlines. “Throughout the world, United’s E-Ticket product is making travel more convenient and hassle-free.”

Since its launch in 1994, E-Ticket usage by United’s customers has surged ahead of the company’s expectations. In May of 1999, United achieved a major industry milestone when E-Ticket usage surpassed paper ticket usage for the first time since the product was launched. More recently, October statistics showed that 58% of all tickets used by United customers worldwide were electronic.

United’s Dutta noted that the carrier would continue to expand the reach of its E-Ticket service. “Now that electronic ticketing is available to the hundreds of destinations on the United and United Express network, we’ll turn our attention to developing E-Ticket service with other airlines,” Dutta said. In 2000, United plans to implement several electronic ticket “interline” agreements with major U.S. airlines and some members of Star Alliance, the global network of the world’s leading airlines. Electronic ticket interline agreements make it possible for a customer to use a single electronic ticket to fly on multiple airlines and transfer from carrier to carrier.

Electronic ticketing offers customers conveniences no other ticketing option can.


Tickets can be purchased at United’s website, www.ual.com, other travel Web sites, through a travel agent, a United Airlines Reservations Representative over the telephone or at any United ticketing outlet. Information normally available on paper documents is stored electronically, ending customer concerns with carrying, forgetting or losing an airline ticket.

Check-in, security, and customs procedures for travel using an electronic ticket are the same as current procedures for passengers with paper tickets. Customers using United’s international E-Ticket service check in with their passport and the ticket receipt and, if booked by telephone with a United reservations representative, with the credit card used to purchase the ticket.

United introduced its electronic ticket service on its West Coast United Shuttle flights in the fall of 1994. In 1995, the airline expanded E-Ticket service to all of its North American destinations. Its international deployment began with service to the United Kingdom in November 1997, and ended with today’s introduction of E-Ticket service in Brazil.