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United Airlines’recently
          redesigned Web site was awarded best airline Internet site
          honors today in Gomez Advisors’ Spring Airline Scorecard. In
          their report, Gomez Advisors reported that several factors led to
          United capturing the first place ranking including outperforming
          the competition in the categories of on-site resources,
          customer relationship, business flyer and leisure flyer.
          United’s Internet site,, is the only airline Web site
          to make Gomez Advisor’s Top 15 Travel Sites list.
Gomez Advisors called the new United site “one of the big
          stories” of its latest scorecard. “This new site has numerous
          easy-to-use features that will appeal to hardened frequent
          flyers as well as occasional travelers that may be new to the
          Web,” the Gomez evaluation said. Gomez specifically
          applauded for its prominent placement of the phone
          number for Web customer support, the “best seat selector
          online today,” the superior operation of the site’s new booking
          calendar, its running frequent flyer balances, and its full-service
          booking capabilities with all leading airlines, rental car
          companies and hotels.

In addition, Peppers and Rogers Group, a leader in the
          one-to-one marketing field, has placed in the “top 25
          Web sites” for its customer interaction and customized
          experience. Peppers and Rogers reviewed over 400 Web sites
          from a broad range of industries, measuring 30 different online capabilities. In their
          February report, Peppers and Rogers stated the site “is
          well-organized so that customers can easily find the
          information that is of interest to them.”

“The multiple accolades that the new is receiving and
          the overwhelming response to our flight paging service are
          strong endorsements of the new design and capabilities of our
          Web site,” said Rick Collins, Director of Internet Marketing at
          United Airlines’ new e-commerce division. “It is also a
          reflection of the many excellent suggestions we received in
          customer focus groups before we revamped the site.”
A new flight paging service that debuted on the site in
          December has attracted heavy usage, indicating high
          consumer satisfaction with the site’s new functionality. United
          has already received more than 30,000 requests from
          customers who wish to be proactively informed of flight delays,
          cancellations and gate information on their personal
          computers, text-enabled cellular phones or alphanumeric
          pagers. A recent Chicago snowstorm prompted a high of 1,800
          paging requests in just one day.
Web site sales at the carrier recently reached an all-time high
          of $2.7 million in one day, more than doubling the figure of just
          six months ago. Over 25% of United’s online users are
          Premier level or higher (they fly at least 25,000 miles a year) in
          United’s Mileage Plus® frequent flyer program, a figure the
          airline attributes to its robust online reservations system and
          attractive features for frequent fliers. Visitors to the site
          topped 3.4 million in February.
The revamped site offers faster access to the most popular
          features. Users can now research fares and schedules, check
          up-to-the-minute flight information, and access Mileage Plus®
          account information directly from the home page, reducing the
          number of clicks required to accomplish the most popular
          tasks. All functions have also been reorganized into four major
          categories on the home page to make it easy to find the
          desired page or section. gives consumers the ability to purchase travel with
          over 500 airlines, book reservations with 45 rental car
          companies and 30,000 hotels worldwide, take advantage of

          discount travel offered through weekly and seasonal E-Fares?’
          posted on the site, and register for the new flight paging
          service for digital notification of gate information, delays and
          cancellations on United Airlines-operated flights . In addition,
          United’s frequent flyers can use the site to track Mileage Plus
          account information, request upgrades and redeem miles for
          award travel online.