LVCVA Names Brock Wilder Leader and Host of Las Vegas Freedom Party

Brock Wilder, the leader of the Las Vegas Freedom Party, invited thousands of travel agents to join his movement today at the opening session of the American Society of Travel Agents convention in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s new destination marketing campaign, with television advertising featuring Brock Wilder, launched today on a national level. Brock Wilder will continue to promote the “Las Vegas: Start Your Own Party” message.
Conceived as the leader and host of the Vegas Freedom Party Party, Brock
Wilder will spread the freedom message through national television ads, select
public appearances and a special section published Sept. 29 in USA Today.
Freedom Party “delegates” will travel coast to coast to recruit party
guests/members, literally off the streets in 15 cities: New York, Los Angeles,
Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.
The delegates will set up a sound systems and soapboxes at strategic
locations to invite citizens during a seven-day period to proclaim what they
need freedom from in their lives.  Each participant will have the opportunity
to spin a specially designed roulette wheel for the chance to win Las Vegas
Freedom merchandise.
Local radio station partners will have access to the freedom proclamations
to broadcast their top picks live on the last day of the promotion, and give
listeners the opportunity to vote for their favorites.  Two people in each
city will win a trip to Las Vegas to join Brock Nov. 7 at the “Freedom Party
Party” at the Fremont Street Experience.  Open to the public, the party will
feature live bands and Las Vegas-style entertainment.
The overall LVCVA marketing campaign uses an “interceptor” strategy to
communicate its “Las Vegas: What you want.  When you want,” message through
all forms of media—advertising, promotions, public relations, street
marketing, the Internet and more—in order to catch consumers in the midst
of their daily routines.  During the year-long campaign, 95 percent of the
target audience will see, read or hear about how Las Vegas delivers freedom
through spectacular entertainment, world-class shopping, diverse dining and a
multitude of other liberating experiences.
The campaign also markets Las Vegas through more traditional methods such
as promotional programs including partnerships with leading travel, sports and
entertainment brands; event sponsorships; trade marketing; international
marketing programs in Europe, Asia and South America; interactive marketing
through a redesigned Web site, e-mail campaigns and consumer sweepstakes; and
a pro-active public relations campaign that tells the story of Las Vegas’
unique offerings in the areas of dining, shopping and entertainment.
In the campaign’s sights are repeat visitors, who comprise nearly
75 percent of the destination’s annual visitor volume, and those who have
never traveled to Las Vegas, which the Travel Industry Association of America
estimates is 59 percent of the U.S. adult population.