Launches First Falling-Price Web Site for Travel

New Dynamic Pricing Site to Offer Discount Prices on Air Travel and Cruises
ALVISO, Calif. - September 7, 2000 -, a new Web site designed for savvy consumers, announced today that it is launching the world’s first travel Web site that combines real-time declining prices and full disclosure of itinerary details on discounted international and domestic air travel and cruise tickets.
Starting today, consumers will be able to watch airline and cruise ticket prices fall, and choose their own prices based on the number of tickets left and what they’re willing to pay. Unlike “name your price” travel Web sites, allows consumers to view the airline, flight number, aircraft type, exact departure and arrival times, and ticket availability before they purchase their tickets. In addition, fares seen on the site are the final prices. There are no hidden charges. Best of all, enables consumers to earn frequent flier miles on most flights.
“As we developed this site, we spent a lot of time talking to consumers who were frustrated by other discount travel sites that forced them to make blind purchases,” said Karen Ha, founder and CEO of “We’re going to be the first to offer consumers everything they want - a great price, full disclosure of itinerary details, and a user-friendly experience - on both air travel and cruises.” is the only travel Web site that offers falling prices on a wide selection of international and domestic airline and cruise tickets from some of the most recognizable names in travel, including major U.S. and international airlines and cruise lines.’s inventory at launch includes flights to the top 20 destinations in Canada, Europe, Asia and South America as well as major domestic gateways, and cruises to the Caribbean and other popular destinations.
Here’s how works:
á begins the ticket sale at a pre-established discount price.
á During the course of the sale, the price continually drops until all tickets are sold or the sale ends.
á Consumers can use features such as “PriceWatch” to receive an e-mail notification when the item reaches a specific price and “AutoBuyIt” to set a limit order for automatic purchase.
á Throughout the sale, discloses everything consumers need to know to make an informed decision, including the carrier, route, departure and arrival times, current price and ticket availability.
á Consumers can purchase the ticket at any point during the sale.
á Consumers can earn frequent flier miles on most flights. will initially focus on international and domestic air and cruise tickets. In the future, this innovative model will be applied to a variety of travel-related services such as tour packages, as well as other non-travel services. is a new e-commerce Web site where savvy consumers can buy discount international and domestic airline and cruise tickets using an innovative declining price model. Prices continually drop in real time, allowing consumers to purchase tickets when prices reach their designated “personal best value” - the price they’re willing to pay for the right combination of carrier, specific route, exact departure and arrival times, current price and ticket availability. discloses all the information a consumer needs to make an informed purchase, without sacrificing choice and control. will offer international and domestic flights and cruises from some of the most recognizable names in travel.