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WizCom International, Ltd.
announced today the formation of the WizCom Industry Advisory Council
(WIAC), a group of industry experts who will provide strategic advice on
WizCom’s product development and give its customers a competitive edge in
the marketplace. The Council will identify and provide recommendations on
emerging trends in travel distribution that directly impact WizCom’s
customers and development partners. WizCom also announced plans to hold
a customer conference in the New York City area on September 12-14, 1999,
to give customers an opportunity to discuss their business needs and
“The establishment of the WizCom Industry Advisory Council and regular
customer meetings reflect WizCom’s on-going efforts to helping our
customers grow and manage their businesses,” said Flo Lugli, President of
WizCom. “WizCom is excited to work with travel and technology industry
experts to make the most of emerging trends in travel distribution and to give
customers an opportunity to participate regularly in WizCom’s product
development planning.”
Advisory Council members will be drawn from the various businesses
WizCom serves and include a select group of highly creative and influential
industry consultants, distribution systems developers and executives from the
hotel, car rental and tour businesses. The charter members of the WizCom
Industry Advisory Council will include:
John Burns, President of Hospitality Technology Consulting
    Peter Denis, CEO, The Time Communications Group
    Michael Hulley, Director of Travel and Transportation Distribution for
    Mike Moore, IT Director of Thompson Holidays
    Thierry Roch, Vice President of Industry Relations for AH&MA
    John Russell, Vice Chairman of the Cendant Travel Division and CEO
    of RCI International
    Michelle Woodley, HEDNA President and Vice President of Global
    Distribution for Swiss™tel
The customer conference will provide a forum for WizCom and its customers
to exchange ideas on creative and forward-thinking technology solutions.
WizCom customers will benefit from the conference by having products
available that are based on their input and meet their business needs.