WizCom International, Ltd. announced today an Alliance with Mirror Image Communications (MIC), a UK based company, to develop an interface to MIC’s Internet based hotel booking system. The WizCom - Mirror Image Communications agreement will allow hotels to work more efficiently with the tour, leisure and commercial markets by providing seamless connectivity and automatic rate and availability update features to tour operators and commercial booking agents utilizing MIC’s TDS system.

“The alliance with Mirror Image Communications confirms our commitment to providing our customers with solutions that give them greater choice, flexibility and control in their travel distribution strategy,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom International, Ltd. “The interface will address the critical problem of managing block and request space arrangements with different tour operators and commercial booking agents by automating that process. This will give hotel customers greater control over their inventory and reduce overall operating costs and booking time.”

The agreement with MIC will allow WizCom to develop an interface to the Total Distribution System (TDS), an Internet based hotel booking system developed by MIC in conjunction with their strategic partner, SEMA Group, a global provider of IT and business services. TDS was designed for the tour, leisure and commercial markets to handle block and request space programs. WizCom will not only develop an interface to TDS, but will market the system to hotels and tour operators.

“The WizCom - MIC agreement is great news for our customers,” said Kelly Blake, president of VIP International Corporation. “Our customers will now be able to maximize their tour, leisure and commercial business and maintain greater control over their inventory. We expect tour bookings to increase significantly once the interface is in place.”

MIC already has agreements and letters of intention in place with major hotel chains, UK tour operators and hotel booking agents for the system. TDS will be test marketed in the UK this year and will be available in other markets next year. WizCom will be offering demonstrations of the interface with TDS at HITEC in Atlanta on June 22-24.


“We’re excited about the agreement between WizCom and MIC because it will bolster our Internet-based hotel booking system,” said Heath Kane, Managing Director of MIC. “By automating the block and request space programs, WizCom will make the system more efficient and easier to use for hotels and tour operators.”