WizCom International, Ltd. (“WizCom”) announced today that both SynXis Corporation, a Web-based eCommerce and software solutions company, and Vagabond Inns, a western U.S. hotel brand, signed on to use the Wizdom® Global Distribution System (GDS) reservation system for their GDS switching. The Wizdom GDS switch will provide both companies with extensive global distribution system connectivity, including interactive Type A processing, seamless connectivity, on-line rate updates and availability processing.

“Both companies know that by choosing WizCom as a business partner, they can rely on flexible and superior technology that will give them a competitive edge in the area of distribution,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom. “One customer that recently implemented Wizdom saw year-over-year reservation and revenue increases almost double in the matter of a week. WizCom is committed to providing innovative solutions that can support our customers as they grow their businesses.”

SynXis offers a low cost, web-based hotel reservation system that maintains a single, real-time representation of a property’s inventory. SynXis and WizCom are also in discussions to develop the first HITIS compliant seamless interface for GDS distribution.

“We wanted a business partner who could provide innovative technology in line with our web-based Central Reservations System approach. WizCom’s technology complements SynXis’s eCommerce solutions giving us maximum market penetration quickly,” said said Jim Kelly, president & CEO of SynXis Corporation.

Vagabond Inns has over thirty properties throughout California, Nevada, and Washington. The chain currently processes bookings manually via Sabre and Galileo only. The connection to WizCom’s Wizdom GDS reservation system will provide Vagabond Inns with the most up-to-date and highly functional connection to all GDSs.


“In signing with WizCom, we take our distribution strategy to the next level and significantly expand our distribution channels,” said Juan Sanchez-Llaca, President of Vagabond Inns. “We trust that WizCom will continue to provide us with the innovative travel distribution tools we need to expand our market position.”