WizCom International, Ltd. (“WizCom”), a leader in travel distribution connectivity, today introduced FastConnect, a flexible electronic distribution system that offers hotels quick and cost-effective connectivity for bookings over major Internet sites, through the major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) as well as on their own Web site. WizCom can implement FastConnect as quickly as 90 days after a contract is secured.

“FastConnect fits the growing demand among small- to medium-sized hotel chains, larger independents and management representation firms for cost-effective distribution solutions,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom. “FastConnect will enable them to quickly start making their products available for purchase through the major Internet travel sites, over the GDSs and most importantly at their own branded Web site.”

The FastConnect distribution system is embedded with GDS and Internet links to major travel sites. FastConnect also features an optional Internet booking engine that enables hotels to process real-time reservations at their own Web site.

“A recent Jupiter Communications statistic projected that 25 percent of all dollars spent on-line for travel by 2003 will be for hotels, either through individual Web sites or third party sites. Small chains and independent hotels are among those well-positioned to reap significant gains from this trend,” said Lugli. “FastConnect ensures that these hotel companies can quickly take advantage of all the benefits the Internet has to offer.”

The FastConnect system is independent and does not require hotels to build an independent interface with their existing central reservations system. Its cost is based on the number of transactions processed, in addition to the initial set-up costs.


“FastConnect is a proven connectivity system that promises to grow with the company, even as the volume of transactions increase,” said Lugli. “WizCom has proven itself the industry leader by providing flexible products that give our customers choice and control in developing distribution strategies that fit their own circumstances and objectives.”