Cendant Internet Group, a unit of Cendant Corporation (NYSE:CD), today announced that the Company’s subsidiary, WizCom International, Ltd. (“WizCom”), a leading supplier of reservation and information management systems for the travel industry, officially launched EasyAccess HOD to streamline the distribution system for hotel description information. EasyAccess HOD is a revolutionary Web-based application that allows hoteliers and hotel companies to easily update hotel description information simultaneously on the four Global Distribution Systems (GDS) through one single-point-of-entry. Best Western Hotels and the Cendant Hotel brands have already agreed to implement EasyAccess HOD for their information management systems.

Working closely with hoteliers, WizCom developed EasyAccess HOD in direct response to the industry’s demand for a more efficient and effective method to distribute hotel description information to all four GDSs and ultimately the Internet. EasyAccess HOD’s unique feature automatically formats and distributes the hotel’s descriptive content to the specific data requirements of each GDS. EasyAccess HOD uses easy-to-use “point and click” drop down menus as its primary format.

“EasyAccess HOD is proof of why WizCom’s culture of innovation and customer focus work so well. The development of EasyAccess HOD is a direct result of WizCom’s technological expertise and industry experience combined, most importantly, with feedback from the industry on the type of product they need to compete in the marketplace,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom. “With EasyAccess HOD, WizCom strengthens its reputation as the definitive source of innovative distribution solutions for the travel industry.”

“WizCom’s EasyAccess HOD makes changing or adding new information about our hotel properties to the GDSs a much easier and more efficient process,” said Charles Ryder, Director of Reservation Services for Best Western. “The combination of advanced functionality and ease-of-use allows Best Western to focus on managing our business without getting burdened with a mess of technical details.”

Some of the key benefits to EasyAccess HOD include:


Web-based application. Customers are able to update hotel property information from any Internet-accessible computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No software is required to load onto customers’ computers nor is there a need to maintain dedicated leased lines.

Easy point and click navigation. EasyAccess HOD is designed with a Windows-style look and feel. On-screen drop down menus and guided navigation assist users in building property data easily and logically.

Chain level and property level descriptive information. Customers can establish master data for a chain and update separate property information from the master data with a simple click of the mouse.

á Comprehensive property data. EasyAccess HOD goes beyond the minimum descriptive requirements established by HEDNA and other industry committees to allow hotels to enter focused marketing information, including packages, incentive programs and marketing campaigns.

“Rather than getting caught-up with complicated technical codes and complex data entry, EasyAccess HOD will allow customers to focus on the quality and accuracy of data transmitted to the GDSs,” said Mark Jacobsen, Wizcom Product Support Manager. “It is as simple as a point and click of your mouse.”

EasyAccess HOD is a part of WizCom’s EasyAccess Plus suite of products designed for the hotel industry to manage distribution more effectively and cost-efficiently.

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