Just Point and Click! Sabre Virtually There

Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE: TSG) today announced an enhancement to the Sabre(R) Virtually There(TM) Web site, making travel planning and confirmation easier and more convenient than ever before. Beginning next week, travelers can receive an e-mail with a direct link to their personalized travel itinerary immediately after booking their trip through a travel agent or online booking site connected to the Sabre system.
Now Sabre Virtually There, a personalized travel Web site that delivers real-time information about an individual’s travel plans, offers Sabre Connected travelers two ways to access their personal travel information. Once a trip is booked through one of the 47,000 Sabre Connected travel agents or online booking sites, an e-mail containing the URL link to the Virtually There Web site is immediately sent to the traveler. The traveler simply clicks the link to launch a personalized travel itinerary. Travelers who cannot access e-mail can obtain their itinerary at anytime and from anywhere in the world by logging onto the Web site, www.virtuallythere.com.
“Sabre Virtually There was already an easy and convenient way to access customized travel information. The new e-mail feature makes it even easier to share travel information with family, friends or business associates,” said Nancy Raynor, senior vice president of emerging businesses for Sabre. “This feature reinforces the commitment Sabre has made to providing travelers with all travel-related information when and where it is needed.”
Since its November 1999 launch, the Virtually There Web site has made traveling easier for more than five million travelers. A recent survey found that of those using the site, nearly 93 percent reported satisfaction with Sabre Virtually There.
“When I received the e-mail regarding my family’s trip, I was able to click on the Virtually There link and within a matter of seconds our trip information appeared. I was able to verify that it was correct and then I forwarded the e-mail to my husband,” said Prema Gregerson of Los Angeles, CA. “My husband was also able to access other interesting information on museums, restaurants in the area, theaters, insider tips on local hot spots, attractions and happenings during our stay, and a lot more.”
In addition to containing all components of a traveler’s itinerary, the Virtually There Web site provides real-time information on flights, gate assignments and weather. Both the link and the itinerary are currently available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Dutch.