Revenue Streams

Travelers wanting to get the latest information on summer travels, exotic getaways or leisure cruises can now turn to the summer issue of Travel Etc. magazine and its sister e-zine at the Web site. Inc. developed an e-zine to address the common travel concerns and needs of its customers, as well as drive the brand.

“ is primarily known for two things - its authority on travel and its exemplary customer service. Through Travel Etc., today’s time-constrained customer can have immediate access to solid information so they can make their travel arrangements with ease,” said Martin H. Charlwood, President and Chief Executive Officer for “Using evocative images and featuring the best destinations, Travel Etc. helps to promote and set it apart from its competition.”

The Travel Etc. e-zine allows travelers greater access to the rich content and information available in the print version. Through the e-zine, visitors can access previous issues of Travel Etc. through the searchable database, explore for the latest travel promotions and fares through, and research travel destinations.

Tremendous advertising opportunities and revenue streams exist in leveraging the magazine, in both the print and e-zine version, through the sales of travel-related products and services.’s advertising revenues will be complementary to its recent DoubleClick initiative in that advertisers will have access to more far-reaching exposure.


Both the magazine and e-zine attract savvy travelers and provide targeted advertising opportunities to reach a growing demographic. Research shows that magazines and e-zines are successful because they offer relevant information to their highly targeted readers. Therefore, readers build a trust for both the magazine’s content and its advertisers.

Travel Etc. is a resource for travelers to make the best choice for their next vacation getaway, cruise or weekend excursion. Travel Etc. focuses on the most popular travel destinations served by UNIGLOBE with features on notable locales, activities, lodging and tours. Articles offer in-depth descriptions of regional dining, scenery, personalities and lifestyles.