The Presidents of VARIG, Ozires Silva, and TAM, Rolim Amaro, announced, in São Paulo, that both companies have signed a partnership for launching a Tourism and Travel Website dedicated to consumers in Latin America. With a comprehensive range of products, services and information, the new Site will enable users to plan and purchase their travel in a more practical and cost effective way, by offering access to the most competitive prices for each kind of service.
In order to offer the greatest amount of choices, the new company will be open to the participation of other Brazilian and foreign carriers, hotel networks, car rental companies and other companies of the travel and tourism industry. It may also enter into partnerships with other international sites, provided they are important to the development of the travel and tourism activities in Latin America.
The new company, whose activities will be based upon the most advanced technology, thus ensuring users with a fast and convenient navigation, will be prepared to compete with the most significant international on-line travel sites.
The Site’s users will have access to a large choice of suppliers of travel packages, airlines, hotels and car rental companies, and will be able to make reservations and buy products in the convenience of their home or office, being sure that they will obtain the most advantageous offers for their requirements.
The site will be impartial and open to all suppliers. The companies which participate in it are committed to offering conditions aligned to the best ones offered by them in their own and other travel sites. The management of the Site will be assigned to a team with an undisputed knowledge of the tourist, travel and e-commerce businesses, which will perform the activities with independence from the founder companies and will be under the control of an autonomous supervisory board.
According to Ozires Silva, the President of VARIG, the partnership is a sign of the interest of the two largest Brazilian airlines in offering to consumers an excellent and high technology product, contributing to the increase of the travel and tourism market in Brazil and in Latin America.
In the opinion of TAM’s President, Rolim Amaro, the Site will give to Latin American consumers access to a service equal to the standard offered by the best travel sites operating in North America and in Europe.