Travelweb Announces Hotel Distribution Agreement

Travelweb LLC
today announced an agreement with the Microtel Inns & Suites, Hawthorn Suites, and Best Inns and Suites brands to become a preferred distribution provider of net-rate inventory via the Internet for the brands. 
Travelweb enables hotels to allocate net-rate inventory on a real-time basis directly from their central reservation systems (CRS), just as they manage the retail channel.  Travelweb effectively gives hotels the ability to manage their assets and yield. In addition, the seamless CRS connection eliminates the need for manual reservation confirmations and payment invoicing.  Hotels and consumers both benefit from a more reliable process and competitive prices. Under the agreement, USFS’ hotels will provide their net-rate inventory as part of Travelweb’s private-label hotel offering distributed via and affiliate Web sites such as
, and Orbitz.

“Travelweb’s ability to seamlessly tap into our CRS means that our hotels can effectively manage rates and inventory, allowing them to be more aggressive in pricing and distribution,” said Jon Leven, senior vice president of marketing for USFS.  “The Travelweb net-rate program makes it easy for our hotels to participate without the hassles of managing manual inventories and content databases.”

“The addition of USFS’s three unique brand segments, with Microtel, its budget brand; Best Inns, its economy brand and Hawthorn, the company’s high-end extended-stay brand, nicely complements Travelweb’s commitment to providing consumers with a quality selection of accommodations at competitive discounted rates,” said Fred Bean, vice president of hotel sales and relations for Travelweb LLC. “Travelweb’s distribution network significantly reduces the typical electronic distribution costs that hoteliers have become accustomed to through block-allocation or extranet models.” 

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