AA Joins Sabre Travel Network`s DCA 3 Year Option

Sabre Travel Network
and American Airlines
have announced that American has agreed to participate in the Sabre Direct Connect Availability (DCA) Three-Year Option, which commits the carrier to a three-year term at the highest level of participation in the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) in exchange for a reduced booking fee rate that is fixed for three years.

Through the DCA Three-Year Option, airlines agree to provide all published fares to all Sabre GDS users, including Sabre Connected online and offline travel agencies. This includes published fares that the airlines sell through any third-party Web site and through their own Web site and reservation offices.

“Lower distribution costs plus broader availability of our fares to the largest subscriber base means Sabre DCA is a real winner for American,” said Craig Kreeger, American`s vice president-Sales. “Innovative solutions for today`s marketplace make Sabre our preferred GDS provider.”

In the Sabre GDS, airlines sign a participating carrier agreement enabling them to choose from one of several optional levels of connectivity to the system. DCA is the highest level and provides airlines with a wide range of services to market and sell their flight and fare information through the travel network of more than 56,000 travel agency locations worldwide. The DCA Three Year-Option extends the term of current 30-day agreements with airlines to three years at a fixed booking fee rate. The program now includes bookings made in the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean, and Europe.

“The Sabre DCA Three Year Option is a win-win-win for all parties,” said John Stow
, president of Sabre Travel Network. “American Airlines lowers distribution costs, Sabre Travel Network gains a three year commitment from the airline, travel agencies enhance customer service and travelers gain access to all American fares through the channel of their choice. The Sabre GDS now offers travelers an unmatched level of inventory through Sabre Connected travel agents. No other GDS comes close to having the level of product now available through our system.”


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