easyJet First Major Airline to Offer Online Booking Changes


has today become the first major airline to allow customers to change details of their bookings online, 24 hours a day.

The innovation is part of easyJet’s stated commitment to provide online the services that have traditionally only been provided through a call centre. This will help the airline reduce costs and keep fares low.

The revolutionary feature allows customers to make their own changes, in their own time, to existing bookings online, 24 hours a day. Customers can change passenger names and itinerary details - facilities that no other major airline is able to offer currently. By reducing costs in this way, easyJet can continue to offer its passengers great value air fares. And, as making changes via the web site is cheaper to process than through the call centre, the fee charged for changes made online has been reduced to £10 (remains at £15 for call centre changes).

Ray Webster
, easyJet Chief Executive, said:


“It is fitting that the airline that pioneered the use of the Internet for bookings (95% of seats now booked online) should be the first to provide the customer with the option to change details of their bookings online. This will further reduce the need for customers to call the easyJet call centre. We are committed to taking costs out of the business to be able to offer even lower fares to our customers.

“easyJet already makes life easy for its customers by flying them from convenient local airports to Europe`s top destinations, saving them both time and money. The introduction of these pioneering online features illustrates that this concept extends across the whole business.”

The introduction of this latest enhancement to customers` experience of easyJet.com builds upon the recent launch of a feature allowing people to look up details of their booking. The new suite of developments now allows customers to check their flight number, departure or arrival times, booking reference, request a replacement confirmation email, as well as make changes to unflown bookings.

Visitors to easyJet.com need to register their details to take advantage of these new features - a process that is very quick and easy to complete - in order to access their bookings simply and securely. 

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