Brazil`s Principal WISP Expands Wireless Services

Brazil`s main WISP (formerly known as Pointer Networks) today announced its choice of Wificom Technologies`
SAB Server for its aggressive expansion of wireless services in Latin America.

Pointer Networks began offering wireless services in early 2002—quickly expanding to 20 Brazilian airports and numerous outlets of the country`s leading coffee shop chain, Fran`s Café. The company accelerated its service expansion recently when it entered a service agreement with iG, one of Brazil`s largest ISPs, and changed its name to VEX.

Roberto Ugolini Neto, CEO and Principal of VEX said, “After 18 months in business with steady expansion we are today one of the main players on the Wi-Fi market in Latin America. With our main operations in Brazil, we are now exploring opportunities to expand to Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is imperative for us to have solid technology to build on as well as top-quality support on both the technical and business sides. We are confident we have found the right partners in Wificom providing the proven backend billing and service management system, the SAB Server, and in Intel with its unmatched marketing support.”

VEX`s expansion plans include new hotspot networks in airports, hotels and coffee shops in target markets. The SAB Server will be used as the sole backend system managing authentication, rating, billing, transaction settlement and, most importantly, roaming for its customers.

“For Wificom, this is a move onto yet another continent,” said Mikko Riepula, Managing Director of Wificom Technologies. “Latin America is moving rapidly now, and the developed DSL coverage in Brazil and Argentina fits perfectly with VEX`s operational focus and service expansion. Of course we are proud that VEX has chosen the SAB Server as its core backend, and this deal opens new and exciting business opportunities for both companies.”


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