e-Travel Introduces e-Travel Reporter

has announced the
general availability of e-Travel Reporter, a Web-based reporting
application that consolidates online travel patterns and trends across
leisure Web sites.  This solution enables e-Travel clients to gain business
intelligence by data-mining their operational and financial data from their
worldwide e-commerce Web sites.

Seven launch clients have already signed for e-Travel Reporter including Air
France, Alitalia (Northern Europe), Icelandair, Qantas, Wideroe, and a
further 2 airlines in Europe and North America.

“e-Travel Reporter gives us a unified view of our global Web activity based
on our specific performance metrics,” says Arni Sigurdsson, Icelandair
Distribution Director. “We will benefit from e-Travel Reporter`s real-time
data-mining capabilities. We expect to save time by generating custom
reports.  e-Travel Reporter will be a key asset in increasing our conversion
rates as well as optimising our marketing investments.”

“e-Travel Reporter was developed to address our clients` need for
comprehensive, relevant and customised reports,” explains Jérome Destors,
Director of e-Travel Suppliers & Agencies. “In addition to growing and
differentiating their online business, airlines now want to gain in-depth
knowledge on more specific e-commerce issues and opportunities. e-Travel
Reporter is our response to this emerging challenge.”

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