Sabre Secures Commitment from Three Major Carriers

Another three major US carriers last week (16 July) signed up to Sabre Travel Network`s
DCA Three Year Option.  Delta, Continental and Northwest Airlines have committed to participating at the highest level of the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) for three years, and making all their web fares available to Sabre Connected travel agencies and websites.  In exchange, Sabre Travel Network has reduced the booking fee it charges these airlines and fixed it for three years. 

There are now 16 airlines participating in the programme, including five of the ‘Big Six’ US carriers.  US Airways was the programme’s launch customer, followed by United Airlines in April this year.  The DCA Three Year Option includes European points of sale, so Sabre Connected travel agents across the continent are guaranteed the best available fares from participating carriers.

Hamish Broom, Sabre Travel Network’s European director of associate sales and service, said talks were under way with several airlines in the region to secure their participation in the programme.
“There is a proposal sitting on the desk of many European airlines, and several have shown more than passing interest,” Broom said.  “As the DCA Three Year Option gathers momentum, and airlines start to see the value it represents, we expect more to jump on board.”

DCA has long been the highest of six different participation levels in the Sabre system.  Airlines signing up to the new DCA Three-Year Option get a 10 percent discount off Sabre Travel Network’s 2003 DCA booking fee, for every booking made in Europe, the United States, the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.  That rate is then fixed for three years. 

“The Sabre DCA Three-Year Option is a winning solution for all parties,” Broom said.  “The airlines lower their distribution costs and are able to plan for their Sabre booking fees for up to three years ahead, agencies enhance customer service, travellers gain automatic access to the best fares around, and Sabre Travel Network gains a three year commitment from participating airlines.”


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