Active Hotels Partners With SRS-WORLDHOTELS

Active Hotels, a leading provider of online reservations to the European hotel industry, has signed an agreement with SRS-WORLDHOTELS to integrate directly with their central reservation system.

By means of this integration, Active Hotels
will be able to provide bookers with hotel information, rates and availability for approximately 250 of SRS-WORLHOTELS’ properties, thereby enabling online bookers to secure online reservations across twelve European countries. A further 200 SRS-WORLDHOTELS properties in key destinations around the world; including USA, Asia and Australasia will be added to the Active Hotels listing shortly.

Active Hotels has been working in conjunction with SRS-WORLDHOTELS and TRUST International to create an entirely new platform to enable the “seamless” integration of their central reservation system (CRS). The integration will provide Active Hotels with up-to-the-minute rates and availability for all hotels working with SRS-WORLDHOTELS, allowing the group to retain complete control over its inventory, rates and availability while giving Active Hotels the ability to distribute this inventory across its partner network. Active Hotels’ audience of over 1 million Internet users now have access to hotel and booking information for member hotels of SRS-WORLDHOTELS across twelve European countries. 

Matthew Witt, COO of Active Hotels, comments, “Our partnership with the SRS-WORLDHOTELS immediately strengthens our position as a leading provider of online reservations to the European hotel market, and gives the opportunity to start providing hotel stock in virtually all the countries of interest to our partners and consumers. In addition, having completed this complex technical development, Active Hotels is now equipped with the skills and experience to undertake further large-scale CRS integrations, with a robust technical platform designed to incorporate and distribute quickly thousands of hotels.”

Michael J. Ball, CEO of SRS-WORLDHOTELS says, “We are delighted to align our growth strategy with that of Active Hotels, one of the leading providers of online reservations in Europe. Active Hotels’ extensive distribution network is likely to significantly increase the volume of online bookings delivered to our member properties.


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