Eurostar Expands Global Distribution Through Amadeus

, the leading high speed passenger rail company serving the UK, France and Belgium, has chosen to expand distribution of its rail services through the Amadeus global distribution system, using the same neutral display as airlines.

The integration of Eurostar into the Amadeus
system, allows Amadeus travel agents to view, book, and ticket Eurostar services in the same way as a flight, saving time and increasing productivity.  Travel agencies view Eurostar routes alongside flights on the same screen, enabling them to quickly compare rail and air travel options and offer a wider choice to their customers.

Eurostar’s Head of International Sales, Alain van West, said, “We want to ensure Eurostar services are available to customers through the most effective and wide-reaching channels.  We are confident that this partnership with Amadeus will enable us to meet business demand in all corners of the globe.”

Eurostar’s inclusion on the Amadeus system will be particularly beneficial to corporations and business travel agencies, who now have a straightforward means of accessing the rail company’s business fares.  Amadeus travel agencies will also be able to book popular European itineraries, combining long-haul flights from Eurostar’s 9 interline airline partners, with short-haul travel on Eurostar.

Mr. Stephane Durand, Director, Travel Service Partners, Amadeus, said, “Through this close cooperation with Eurostar, we are taking a further step towards building a globally integrated rail distribution solution.  As the GDS with the most comprehensive rail offering, Amadeus is further strengthening its position as the industry leader.” 
Eurostar can now be booked automatically through all Amadeus and e-Travel platforms.


Amadeus currently distributes the services of 18 of the world`s leading railway companies, including French SNCF, Amtrak, DeutscheBahn, and the Association of UK Train Operating Companies (ATOC).  Amadeus travel agencies processed more than 80 million rail bookings in 2002.

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