Malaysia Airlines Implements Abacus System

In a step to further implement Malaysia Airlineså’ business strategy to improve efficiencies, enhance competitiveness and customer services, the airline will be introducing a single access reservation system for both international and domestic reservations, provided by Abacus Distribution Systems.

Don Birch, President and CEO, Abacus International
Until now, Malaysia Airlines
has operated a dual reservation system with Abacus Malaysia, KOMMAS for pure domestic reservations and Abacus for mixed domestic/international reservations.

Speaking at a signing ceremony, earlier today, between Malaysia Airlines and Abacus
to mark the switch over to the single access reservation system, Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Dahlan, Senior General Manager, Sales, Distribution and Marketing, Malaysia Airlines explained that, “To improve efficiencies, provide better service to customers and add to the balance sheet, the decision was made to streamline operating systems by having both domestic and international bookings under one platform. Hence, the move to a single access reservation system. Effective August 4, all domestic and international reservations and ticketing for Malaysia Airlines will be done through a single channel; the Abacus system”.

“To ensure a smooth change-over, and that existing and previously created transactions continue to be serviced without any problems, use of KOMMAS at travel agents will be phased out over a two-month period, after which, the balance of bookings on KOMMAS will be migrated to the Abacus system, ” said Dato’ Ahmad.

Speaking on behalf of Abacus Malaysia, Don Birch, President and CEO, Abacus International, said that the benefits of a single access system are numerous. “With the single access reservation system, we gain savings from less solutions customisation and development, thus reducing the time taken to deliver value-added front-to-end solutions to travel agencies.”


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