e-Travel Planitgo Powers Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines
(PAL) is using e-Travelå® Planitgo, as the web-based booking engine, behind its global website, www.philippineairlines.com, which was launched in June 2003.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Planitgo airline customers like Qantas, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific and Korean have achieved growth 32 per cent booking growth in the first half of 2003.

On a global level, airlines powered by Planitgo, achieved an overall 62 per cent growth in their online bookings in 2002.

Mr. Roberto B. Diaz De Rivera, Senior Assistant Vice President, Corporate e-Business Department of Philippine Airlines commented that “e-Travel® Planitgo gives us the flexibility we need to give our customers the best online booking experience possible, while allowing us to keep costs under control - with Amadeus e-Travel we also know that the best regional customer support is behind us.”

David Brett, Vice President, Amadeus Asia added that “with e-Travel Planitgo, Asia-Pacific’s leading airlines, among them Philippine Airlines, are harnessing the huge online booking growth potential and as the region’s fastest-growing GDS, Amadeus is playing a key role in this”.


Planitgo is a fully customisable Web-based travel booking engine, serving leading leisure, airline and other travel supplier sites around the globe. Planitgo delivers a range of content including air, car, hotel, fares, fly-and-drive, insurance, tours and other travel-related information, to both business and leisure travellers.  Planitgo can calculate fares in all major currencies, ensuring the easiest booking experience for customers worldwide.

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