Launches for Low Cost Travel is a new website through which travellers can search for and book the cheapest, most convenient fares on offer from the main low cost airlines. The site is of particular benefit to travellers who want to combine two flights on one or more one low cost airlines.
Eamon Curtin, Director, explains: å“The network of low cost airlines is growing rapidly across Europe å- there are almost 30 low-cost or no-frills airlines serving over 200 European destinations. But each airline operates independently and it is very difficult for the traveller who wants to combine flights from one or more airlines. fills this gap by allowing travellers to search for and book the cheapest options from the main low cost airlines on one website.å”

Users will include local companies who are increasingly using low cost airlines for business travel, families visiting holiday homes abroad, couples planning long weekends away, groups heading to European sports or music events, and students and backpackers exploring Europe.

Later this month, Openjet will launch a newsletter to keep frequent travellers informed of the latest developments in an industry where new airlines, routes and destinations are added almost daily. As a special launch promotion, all registered subscribers will be entered in a draw for a prize valued at €2000. Visit the site to register for the newsletter.
also provides a new travel insurance product designed to meet the specific needs of the low fares traveller. currently features four airlines: Ryanair, easyJet, BMIBaby and Mytravellite and the company plans to add four more airlines before the end of the year.