NTL Business Announces XML Breakthrough

NTL Business
(Travel Division), the travel industry`s leading provider of integrated selling and communications solutions, announces a breakthrough XML link allowing BCP, the UK`s foremost airport parking booking service, to receive agent bookings through viewdata in real-time.

Reservations made through BCP`s viewdata system on the NTL Business (Travel Division) market-leading network will now automatically convert into XML code which immediately updates BCP`s own system. Prior to the XML solution BCP manually dialled-in to NTL Business (Travel Division)`s reservations network to collect viewdata bookings every few hours and to renew availability.

The XML solution brings BCP viewdata bookings into line with the company`s additional sales platforms, including the NTL Business (Travel Division) hosted website www.bcponline.co.uk and the company`s call centre, and makes information immediately available to agents across all channels.

NTL Business (Travel Division)`s XML link also means BCP can update product information seamlessly in one go, so each sales channel only displays the most up-to-date details. The solution removes the need for a separate viewdata database, where content was entered manually by BCP.

Max Perry, BCP Systems Development Manager said: “NTL Business (Travel Division)`s XML link means the viewdata booking process is now quicker, automatic and interactive. All platforms are now working together to provide a complete booking experience for agents booking with BCP. As our product range widens XML is fast becoming the answer to BCP`s supply chain management and allocation challenges.


“We also recently enhanced our user-interface to help agents provide information to their customers more easily and NTL Business (Travel Division) were again excellent in accommodating these changes. We are always looking to provide agents with the simplest route to make bookings, and XML makes the flow of information more efficient and effective. It has been a pleasure to work with NTL on this project.”

Jill Cox, NTL Business (Travel Division) Head of Marketing, said: “XML is the travel industry`s newest distribution solution and we have utilised the technology to help BCP enhance their sales environment for agents.

“We plan to continue to develop partnerships that harness this cutting-edge technology across the travel industry.”

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