Increase service levels for corporate travelers

Business travel places enormous demands on employees. Oracle Travel Management makes it easier for employees to arrange travel and obtain reimbursement, increasing productivity and strengthening your company’s ability to retain experienced and productive employees.

Increase Productivity by Minimizing the Hassle
Using Oracle Travel Management, traveling employees spend less time hassling with the administrative processes of corporate travel. One easy-to-use interface for both travel planning and reimbursement reduces training time and makes it easier for employees to navigate through the tasks required to perform each procedure. By automating the travel reservation process, e-Travel from Oracle reduces the effort required to complete a reservation from an industry average of 30 minutes and five phone calls to 15 minutes or less and no phone calls. By automating the travel reimbursement process, Oracle Self-Service Expenses reduces the effort required to submit an expense report from an industry average of 55 minutes to 15 minutes or less.

Increase Employee Satisfaction
Business travel is a very sensitive topic for employees because it has such a significant impact on job productivity and personal lives. e-Travel from Oracle provides employees with all the information they need for optimizing travel plans to maximize productivity and limit the impact on personal lives. Oracle Self-Service Expenses compresses the amount of time it takes to obtain travel reimbursement from weeks to days. Employees also appreciate the convenience and productivity gains of being able to access the travel reservation and travel reimbursement system at anytime—all at no additional cost to the company.

Access Destination-Specific Travel Information
Productivity on the road requires comprehensive information about where you are going and how to get things done while you are there. With e-Travel from Oracle, travelers can quickly obtain regional and local content that includes information such as travel advisories, passport and medical requirements, weather, dining, and concierge services.