Reduce and control travel costs

Oracle Travel Management enables the enterprise to experience dramatic cost and time savings by replacing expensive, time consuming procedures with automated, self-service applications. By shifting to internet-based self-service applications, corporations streamline traditional administrative functions and position staff for more value added roles—such as increasing customer responsiveness, resolving problems, and performing strategic analysis.

Save Money by Transforming Administrative Processes
The cost of travel management operations, including the cost of booking trips and reimbursing employees, can run as high as 20 percent of a company’s total corporate travel spend. By automating these processes, Oracle Travel Management eliminates paper pushing, streamlines processes, and cuts administrative costs by 50 percent or more. With e-Travel from Oracle, you can automate travel planning and reservation processes, and reduce the cost of processing an itinerary from an industry average of $50-75 to $25 or less. With Oracle Self-Service Expenses, you can automate the travel reimbursement process and reduce the cost of processing an expense report from an industry average of over $35 per expense report to $10 or less.

Empower the Corporate Traveler to Make Better Decisions
Effective purchase decisions depend on having the right information. Unfortunately, existing phone-based travel reservation systems do not always present employees with enough information to make good decisions possible. e-Travel from Oracle automatically shows travelers several itinerary options at once. In addition, e-Travel proactively communicates travel policy and preferred supplier information to employees. By equipping travelers with thorough, accurate information, the costs for big ticket items such as airfare are reduced by as much as 20 percent.

Effectively Communicate, Monitor, and Enforce Corporate Travel Policy
Oracle Travel Management fully integrates company travel policy with both the travel reservation and travel reimbursement processes. You can centrally define several levels of travel policy and associate each with a unique user class to flexibly communicate, monitor, and enforce travel policy throughout the enterprise. Flexible policy definition allows management to easily configure unique restrictions for different employees and different expense types. Oracle Travel Management automatically alerts travelers and managers to policy violations and exception conditions, helping reinforce company guidelines.

Identify Savings with Travel Intelligence
Oracle Travel Intelligence integrates and consolidates information from disparate sources, including reservations created by travel agencies, online reservations, charge card transactions, out-of-pocket expenses, and enterprise data. Armed with a comprehensive and clear view of travel management operations, expenditures and behaviors, your company can more effectively manage the travel budget.