50% of easyJet Customers Sign-Up for New Service

Almost 50% of those people booking seats on easyJet in the last 48 hours have registered to be able to retrieve details of their bookings in a pioneering innovation only available from å‘the webå‘s favourite airlineå’.

Customers can now check their flight number, departure or arrival times, booking reference, or even request a replacement confirmation email. It also allows customers to retrieve details of the great offers available on car hire, hotels, travel insurance, and transport to and from the airport - deals that are tailored to each specific trip.

Customers only have to enter a password to use the service and the fact that over 20,000 easyJet customers have signed-up to the service demonstrates its ease-of-use of use, benefits and popularity.

Ray Webster, easyJet Chief Executive, said:

“easyJet is the first airline to give consumers the ability to look-up details of their bookings online and its popularity is clear with almost 50% of customers already taking advantage of the service. The innovation is part of easyJet’s ongoing commitment to provide online the services that have traditionally only been provided through a call centre. This will help the airline reduce costs and keep fares low.”