Strengthen Relationships travel suppliers

Currently, corporations purchase travel supplier services through intermediaries such as travel agencies and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Internet technology offers an unprecedented opportunity for taking a fresh approach to how corporations interact with travel suppliers.

Link Directly to Travel Suppliers
Distribution costs, including the cost of selling travel services through agencies and other intermediaries, comprise approximately 20 to 30 percent of travel suppliers’ annual sales. e-Travel from Oracle provides a powerful and unique tool, called eTLink, that enables corporations to directly connect to travel suppliers. Direct connections between buyers and sellers with eTLink lower distribution costs for travel suppliers by at least 50 percent. As corporations work directly with travel suppliers to lower travel distribution costs, partnerships begin to emerge.

Optimize Supplier Relationships
Ongoing management of supplier relationships is critical to keeping costs under control. With e-Travel from Oracle, you can centrally define and administer preferred supplier agreements, including negotiated rates and fares.

Oracle Travel Intelligence allows corporations to easily monitor business generated for a specific supplier and determine whether the company has met its negotiated contract obligations. Corporations can then allocate travel business appropriately within the supplier base.

Gain Better Service and Lower Rates by Leveraging Optimized Supplier Relationships
The presence of intermediaries in the travel reservation and travel purchasing process prevents suppliers from being able to differentiate among those who purchase their travel services. eTLink provides travel suppliers the ability to personalize offers for specific companies and their traveling employees. Suppliers can then proactively offer special services such as free upgrades and preferred pricing to favored customers.