Pegasus Solutions and Hillgate Travel Expand Relationship

Pegasus Solutions

, Inc. and Hillgate Travel expanded their commission processing agreement to include an automated hotel commission management solution.  London-based Hillgate, one of the 10 largest business travel agencies in the United Kingdom1, has utilized the Pegasus Commission Processing service since 2001.  Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions is a leading global provider of hotel reservations-related services and technology.

The Pegasus Commission Processing service (formerly HCC) is the hotel industry’s leading travel agent commission processing service and was created in 1992 by Pegasus Solutions.  Under the expanded, three-year agreement, Hillgate receives total automated commission management through Pegasus’ Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service.  The service monitors and reconciles hotel bookings and commissions from both participating and non-participating properties in the Pegasus Commission Processing service. 

Pegasus’ Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service complements Hillgate’s existing commission processing relationship with Pegasus.  Pegasus collects hotel participants’ actual guest stay information related to hotel bookings made by Hillgate’s travel consultants.  Pegasus captures and consolidates the participating hotel properties’ information and commissions, and sends detailed reports and consolidated commission payments to Hillgate in its choice of currency. 



According to Hillgate Travel’s Financial Controller Steve Ensor, the company has been impressed with the service provided by Pegasus over the last three years, which led to the decision to enhance its contract.  “Hotel commissions comprise about 10 percent of Hillgate’s revenues.  Pegasus has saved us from needing to employ an extra person to collect hotel commissions worldwide, and because Pegasus can track commissions by client, time traditionally spent on the reporting and allocation of these commissions has also been eliminated.  Having Pegasus’ economic and effective solution to address these important factors continues to positively impact Hillgate’s operations and bottom line,” Ensor said.


“Pegasus’ presence in the United Kingdom continues to solidify as travel agencies, such as Hillgate, increasingly rely on Pegasus’ diverse commission management tools to work smarter,” said Jeff Bzdawka, Pegasus Solutions’ senior vice president of service delivery.  “No other commission management service offers more than a decade of proven service, along with longstanding working relationships with the world’s leading hotels.”  Eight of the top 10 business travel agencies in the U.K. utilize the Pegasus Commission Processing service.   


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