iJET Launches Worldcue Release 2.0

today announced the
availability of its Worldcue Release 2.0 Travel Risk
Management System to support corporations and their employees
as they travel throughout the world. 
In April 2001, iJET
became the first company to offer a state-of-the-art
intelligence system that monitors the world around the clock
and alerts travelers, expatriates and corporate decision
makers to events and situations in real-time to help them
avoid or minimize risks and travel disruptions abroad.

Designed to meet the needs of security, travel, human
resource and risk management professionals, Worldcue alerts
travelers to changing security and travel conditions, helping
them to ensure safe and productive trips.  In addition, the
patent pending Worldcue system allows corporate decision
makers to track, locate and communicate with traveling
employees.  iJET currently supports more than 300
multinational corporations and tens of thousands of
individual travelers each day, and issues approximately 500
alerts per month for 183 countries and 268 cities around the

“Based on client feedback, we have incorporated many upgrades
and feature enhancements since we first designed the system,”
said Greg Meyer, iJET’s Chief Technology Officer. “In fact,
there have been more than twenty development iterations in
the last two years leading up to Worldcue 2.0.  Thanks to our
talented technology team, iJET has been able to respond to
customer needs and market demands faster than our
competition. Continued investment in our technology and
analytical resources has made iJET the leader in delivering
real-time travel risk management services to corporate
decision makers and their employees.” 

“We designed Worldcue specifically to meet the unique needs
of multinational corporations.  iJET’s proactive risk
management approach warns travelers of changing conditions,
such as civil unrest, transit strikes, severe weather or
terrorist activity, enabling them to avoid issues before they
become problems,” said Bruce McIndoe, iJET’s Chief Executive

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