Rosenbluth Provides Clients Real-Time Travel Intelligence

Rosenbluth International has announced that it enhanced its ability to provide its clients and associates with time-sensitive, critical up-to-the-minute security and destination intelligence affecting business travel by automating its travel advisory process through a strategic partnership with Northstar Travel Media.

“Conducting business faster and more efficiently is a top priority for most corporations,” said Hal Rosenbluth
, Chairman and CEO, Rosenbluth International. “We live in a world filled with uncertain global events, world politics, weather conditions and even union activities, and as travel managers it`s our responsibility to quickly inform our clients about events impacting travel and their business plans before someone else does. This intelligence is a tremendous value for our clients and their business travelers.”

`s clients and associates will be pushed essential, real-time destination and security information via email, including information about world events affecting travel such as social unrest, political turmoil, health risks, crime and extreme weather and intelligence that allows them to travel safely and smartly. The information delivered via email is collected and monitored by Northstar, which employs a worldwide team of security analysts and editors dedicated to communicating comprehensive and reliable destination intelligence seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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