Connexion by Boeing Receives Boost from ITU

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has approved a new frequency allocation to the aeronautical mobile satellite service. 
This allocation, in the 14-14.5 GHz band, paves the way for the introduction of the
Connexion by Boeing
mobile broadband information service and other satellite-based services into the global communications market.

“Clearing this critical hurdle paves the way for global introduction of our high-speed in-flight connectivity service beginning next year,” said Scott Carson, Connexion by Boeing President.  “Airlines are understanding the value that broadband connectivity brings - not only for their passengers, but also for enhancing their own operations.”

During the recently concluded World Radiocommunication Conference - 2003 (WRC-03) in Geneva, participating delegates from ITU member countries and private sector members, including a team from The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), considered Agenda item 1.11 and agreed to extend the secondary mobile satellite service allocation in the 14-14.5 GHz band to include the aeronautical mobile satellite service.  The decision at WRC-03 is a welcome one for the provision of real-time communications to and from aircraft in flight.

“This authorization follows three years of intensive effort within the ITU study groups, which concluded that aeronautical mobile-satellite services, such as Connexion by Boeing, can operate without causing harm to other users of the frequency band,” said Karen Gielen, executive director of International Regulatory Affairs for Connexion by Boeing.  “It also represents a positive and proactive attitude by ITU member states regarding the introduction of innovative new applications of radio technology.”

The World Radiocommunication Conference is convened every three to four years by the ITU, a specialized agency of the United Nations whose member countries coordinate and harmonize the use of global telecommunications networks and services.  The collective WRC agenda outlines many of the spectrum-dependent applications and services that will drive future technological development around the globe.


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