Dot Com offers Internet prices & Commission to High Street Travel Agents

, the online hotel reservation website, have launched their web based hotel and sightseeing tour booking service to the retail travel industry. is aiming to revolutionise the way high street agents sell travel products, making its thousands of hotels and services available to agents for direct selling to customers. This out will allow high street travel agents to compete with online retail on their own terms

Travel agents using this web site will earn a commission of 10% on all hotel and sightseeing bookings

Using OctopusTravel`s ABTA bonded travel agent site, a high street agents can now offer its customers over 15,000 discounted hotels and over 1,700 sightseeing tours worldwide. All these products and services are directly contracted and show real time availability and immediate confirmation. There is also a whole host of functions and facilities designed to allow traditional retailers to offer heightened customer service.


Asked why an Internet travel company had decided to work with the travel trade in this way. Ray Mason, Managing Director of, explained, 

” We`ve always worked with industry partners such as easyJet, bmi and Eurostar, providing them with online booking solutions for hotels and sightseeing tours and our business has grown rapidly during this time. We identified that an increasing number of travel agents were placing bookings on our consumer website.  We therefore took the decision to work actively with the retail trade and we developed our consumer booking system to match the requirements and needs of high street agencies and call centres.”

He continued ” Despite the continuing growth in e-commerce and the Internet, we firmly believe that traditional travel agents have a bright future by providing their customers with the vital extra- personal customer service. Our substantial investment in system development means that we are now able to support travel agents with a new product that will enable them to do just that”

It`s a system that OctopusTravel hopes will set the standard for the way high street travel agents sell services in the future.