FareX Now Available for Non-ABACUS Agents


has just launched a new extension to FareX, which allows both ABACUS and non-ABACUS agents to retrieve net fares information and download fare sheets from their distributing airline.
Through a single database, airlines are now able to distribute automated fares to ABACUS Reservation Terminals, websites and fare sheets download. This enhancement gives airlines the widest market coverage, B2B and B2C sales opportunities.

“Airlines are distributing net fares through FareX in more than 160 sales locations across Asia Pacific.  With this latest extension to FareX, airlines are now able to distribute net fares to non-ABACUS agents at the same time thus streamlining business workflow, improving productivity and increasing their potential customer reach.” said Mr John Lim, Director, ABACUS Fares and Loyalty Programme.

FareX is the industry`s most innovative and cost effective solution to date. Using Internet connectivity, airlines and wholesalers are able to create, manage and distribute critical net fares information directly to travel agents through the ABACUS Reservation Terminals, websites and fare sheets download. By eliminating the faxing of messy fare sheets or time consuming phone calls to travel agents, FareX allows you to manage your fares and distribution lists online anywhere, anytime, making certain your fares are always up-to-date and accurate.

In addition, ABACUS travel agents can enjoy auto-pricing and ticketing capabilities with full pricing validation. This helps to reduce amount of keystrokes required to fulfil each fare quote & pricing transactions as well as costly errors resulting in Airline Debit Memos (ADMs).