Ticketless Travel with United and Lufthansa

United Airlines

and Lufthansa

today announced the expansion of their interline
electronic ticketing network, which will now allow passengers of both
airlines to enjoy the benefits of electronic ticketing on almost three
times as many routes. 
Beginning today, interline electronic ticketing
will be available for more than 100 destinations in 40 countries served
by Lufthansa and its partners as well as for all of United and United
Express` 186 destinations in the U.S.  The newly expanded network now
includes over 270 worldwide destinations served by both airlines.

Passengers will receive their boarding pass either at the check-in
counter or at a self check-in kiosk.  United passengers traveling on
domestic German or European routes will be able to use any of the more
than 300 Lufthansa Quick Check-in terminals with their Mileage Plus
card, while Lufthansa passengers traveling within the U.S. will be able
to check in at the more than 500 United Easy Check-in units.  United
and Lufthansa have also harmonized their flight reservation systems to
allow joint access to passengers` flight information, further enhancing
customer service at all customer contact points.

Interline electronic tickets can be issued by United and Lufthansa
through their respective reservation centers and airports and soon
through travel agents as well.  United also provides interline
electronic ticketing in any combination of travel on United, American,
Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines,
Northwest and US Airways.  Electronic Lufthansa tickets, which are also
valid on flights operated by the existing Lufthansa partners Eurowings
and the Austrian Airlines Group, will be combined with United Airlines
flights by the end of 2003.


Since United first introduced electronic ticketing in November 1994,
customer usage of electronic ticketing has surged.  Today, over 90% of
United`s customers traveling domestically and 54% internationally
check-in with electronic tickets.  United implemented its first
interline product with Air Canada in June 1999.

United will continue efforts towards full electronic ticketing by the
end of next year and issue only electronic tickets for all eligible
domestic and international itineraries by 2004.

The enhanced cooperation between United and Lufthansa was introduced
last November.  The goal of this enhanced cooperation is to integrate
both partners` core processes more closely in order to secure and
expand their current market position on North Atlantic routes.  As
always, the key factor in all considerations is the benefit to the

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