4 More Consolidators Switch to OpenFares for SolarNet

Solars and
OpenFares Inc., a software solution provider to the North American airline
consolidation industry, announced today that 4 air consolidators are
switching over to the OpenFares Content Management System (CMS) to enable
full booking capability from the SolarNet look and book distribution.

Bob Wilson, Director of Account Development at SCS Solars, says, ” This
brings added airfare content to the travel agent, allowing full booking
functionality. OpenFares enables the travel agent to search and receive the
full airfare price, including taxes, and apply full payment on-line. The PNR
(Passenger Name Record) can be checked, modified and remarks added directly
through the SolarNet tracking system. The clients making the switch over
recognize the OpenFares booking engine will give the agents the total net
price including taxes, allowing reservations to be processed without
reservation agent intervention.

Revenue from these consolidators consists of a combination of recurring
monthly maintenance fees and transaction fees “

Louis Mercier, Founder and CEO at OpenFares said, “SolarNet are introducing
new clients to us to use our CMS (content management system), The
combination of OpenFares and the SolarNet distribution results in vastly
improved market share and exposure to travel agents”