Wificom SAB Server Chosen for In-Flight Internet by JetLab

JetLab has chosen Wificom Technologies

to complement the in-flight “always on” Internet service JetLab provides to an exclusive clientele including heads of state and private jet operators.

The two companies announced an agreement in which Wificom`s SAB Server will deliver an authentication, billing and roaming solution that meets JetLab`s high standards. JetLab`s specialised niche in the otherwise crowded WLAN service market requires the highest levels of security and reliability without sacrifices in usability.

“Our business as satellite system integrator and airborne service provider for military, government and corporate aircrafts implies very demanding clients. Seeking the most perfect secured and solid solution on the market, we selected Wificom and its SAB Server,” said Frank Genin, CEO of JetLab. “The comprehensive feature set, suitability for critical operations and the overall flexibility of Wificom were major factors in the selection of SAB Server as our backend system.”

“The solution will use our SAB Server 4, a J2EE-based carrier-class WLAN service management system, with modifications for JetLab`s business and billing models which account for such factors as fractional ownership and chartered jets. With its robustness and security, the SAB Server provides a near off-the-shelf solution for these business-critical operations of JetLab`s-like it provides to service providers and Telcos on the ground,” comments Mikko Riepula, Founder and CEO of Wificom.



is present at the Paris Aviation Show on 16th to 20th of June 2003 at Dassault Falcon Service Premises - Aeroport du Bourget.

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