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Booming Internet Sales for RYANAIR.COM .

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, confirmed that sales of low fares through RYANAIR.COM - Europe’s largest low fares website. During the month of February, online ticket sales through accounted for more than 20% of all tickets sold, with over 50% of seat sale bookings being made online.

Ryanair today guaranteed that its lowest fares would only be available on its internet site. These lower fares reflect the substantial savings which accrue to the airline from internet bookings by eliminating travel agency commissions, CRS distribution costs and back office ticket processing costs. Ryanair’s normal range of low fares will continue to be available through travel agents and through its direct sales subsidiary Ryanair Direct.

Ryanair also announced that with effect from 1st April next, it was bringing its travel agency commissions into line with the norms now being paid by major European airlines. The airline confirmed that from 1st April next, travel agents would be paid 5% commission on Ryanair tickets which matches or exceeds that paid by Europe’s major airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa and SAS among others.

Tim Jeans, Ryanair’s Director of Sales and Marketing today highlighted that RYANAIR.COM is now Europe’s largest travel website, and that Ryanair will continue to aggressively promote and develop the range of low fares and services provided online.

“We believe that the future for low fare air travel in Europe lies with the internet, as businesses and consumers can now directly access Ryanair’s lowest fares and enjoy the efficiency and effortlessness of ticketless travel on Europe’s largest low fares airline.


“In this new internet age, travel agents must now go out and create business, rather than waiting for business to walk in off the high street. This year Ryanair will launch eight new European routes, we will add over 1.5 million seats to total capacity, and we will pay in excess of £7million in travel agency commissions, but only to those agents who actively promote Ryanair’s services and offer the consumer low air fares. Ryanair will continue to be the only low fares airline committed to both internet and travel agency distribution.”