United Offers Inflight Email on Domestic Flights

United Airlines

and Verizon Airfone today
announced that it is the first U.S. commercial carrier to offer Verizon
Airfoneå® JetConnectSM service, with two-way email capability, on its
U.S. domestic flights.

JetConnect is an inflight email, instant messaging and text messaging
service and is the only provider of email capabilities to passengers on
U.S. commercial flights. JetConnect with Email service costs $15.98 per
flight, plus $0.10 per Kb of data over 2Kb.

United has offered JetConnect service on select 767 domestic aircraft
since December 2002, but is expanding to the JetConnect with Email
service across its entire domestic fleet. By the end of the year,
passengers on United aircraft will be able to send and receive email
inflight. Airfone uses Tenzing Communications as its JetConnect email
service provider.

“Travelers are extremely loyal to United, due in part to our very high
standards for customer service,” said John Tague, United Airlines
executive vice president - customer. “The expansion of our JetConnect
offering marks our continued emphasis on enhancing the customer
experience through products and services that are useful, affordable,
and in line with what travelers are asking for.”


Customers access JetConnect by plugging their laptops into jacks on the
Verizon Airfone handsets. No software downloads or changes to
connection procedures are required. Customers just use their standard
dial-up routine to link to JetConnect.

“The availability of email is critical to business flyers,” said Bill
Pallone, president of Verizon Airfone, “and we`re very pleased to
partner with United on this historic achievement. The impact on
inflight productivity is tremendous; for this reason, users have said
access to JetConnect will determine which airline they`ll choose. This
will significantly enhance the passengers` experience.”

Verizon Airfone and Tenzing conducted service trials in May of this
year on United aircraft and will continue installation ramp up
throughout the summer. Initially, JetConnect with Email will be
available to North American frequent business travelers who use POP3,
Microsoft Exchange via Outlook web access, and Lotus Notes via POP.
Additional email protocols will be supported in the coming months.

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