VIA Travel Group Signs Six Year Contract with Amadeus

VIA Travel Group , one of the largest business and leisure travel operators in Scandinavia, have signed a comprehensive six-year contract with Amadeus Scandinavia, for the supply of booking services.

VIA Travel Group, who have worked with Amadeus for over ten years, awarded the contract to the company following a careful evaluation of existing and future solutions, financial return and the will to invest in Scandinavia.

“This agreement also includes a mutual obligation to continue to work on efficiency and development so as to create the best possible solutions,” says Pål Asplin, CEO of VIA Travel Group. “We are very pleased with the arrangement and we look forward to working with Amadeus to build the travel agency of the future.”

Besides serving the business and leisure market, VIA Travel Group also offer private travel via the Internet. “Their comprehensive portfolio places high demands on us,” explains Espen Stendal, Director Travel Agencies Division at Amadeus Scandinavia.

“We have worked with VIA Travel Group for more than 10 years, throughout which our working relationship has been very positive. VIA Travel Group contribute to ensuring that our services develop continuously, by making maximum use of functionality in order to achieve optimal utilisation. This new agreement means that we can work with VIA Travel Group to continue to develop product and service concepts that meet customer requirements and have the flexibility that customers demand and expect,” continues Espen Stendal.


Amadeus was chosen by VIA Travel Group in the face of tough competition from other major suppliers in the market.

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