easyJet Launches European Campaign to Seek Low-Cost Airports


has today begun a Europe-wide search for airports to be part of its ambitious expansion plans. Adverts have been placed in selected national newspapers in countries throughout Europe asking airports to tender for easyJet`s business.

easyJet has applied strict criteria to its airport development. The airline claims that they are only looking for airports prepared to offer easy-to-use facilities with good access to a large, attractive population.

If the airport conforms to these criteria they should proceed to easyjet`s dedicated web page at http://www.easyjet.com/en/newairports.html
for further information.

Speaking at the ACI EUROPE Annual conference today in London, Ray Webster
, easyJet Chief Executive, said: “There are numerous opportunities for growth in Europe and at any one time we are always talking to scores of airports. Our only dilemma is narrowing down the mountain of opportunities to the one or two airports that we will select each year. We are in a buyer’s market in Europe and, just as we negotiated a great deal on aircraft recently, we aim to do the same with airports.


“In line with the way we run all aspects of our business, we have decided to be open with our requirements rather than doing everything behind closed-doors. By applying very strict criteria, we are essentially outsourcing the selection process to the airports themselves. Airports that don’t conform to our requirements will not be considered in our beauty parade.

“Low-cost airlines are the only game in town - and we’re the leader. We’re inviting Europe’s airports to be part of that growth.”


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