Gray Dawes to Host Free Travel Seminar

Gray Dawes is hosting its next free travel seminar 2nd July in Manchester at Manchester Piccadilly Station. The seminar is open to Gray Dawes’ clients as well as all business travellers. Discussions are tailored to address specific audience issues such as maximising travel spend, online booking solutions, transaction fees, airline commissions as well as general industry developments.

Supporting Gray Dawes’ philosophy of partnering with clients to ensure the greatest value possible is extracted from their travel budgets, these open forums are designed to keep clients informed of trends in the travel industry allowing them to assess how these issues directly impact their businesses.

The Gray Dawes’ seminar to be held the 2nd of July will focus on rail travel and is co-hosted by Virgin Trains and the Alias Rossetti Hotel. 

The forthcoming seminar follows on the success of recent forums held in Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle. The discussion at these forums centred on changes in the travel industry over the last year, in particular within the airline and hotel sectors. In Manchester, Michael Rainford of KLM/Northwest Airlines and Jean Hopkins, Director of Hotels at Gray Dawes Business Travel Management provided commentary.  Attendees were also granted the opportunity to demo
, Gray Dawes’ unique online booking portal. Gray Dawes will continue to schedule a series of seminars for all of its regional offices.