Amadeus Introduce Fare Update Tool

Amadeus has announced the
development of a selling fare update tool which enables agents to add their
own mark up to airline-filed ATPCO Category 35 net fares, so that the
agents` selling fare is displayed in the Amadeus system.

This new tool will enable agents to file fares faster while
decreasing the potential for misquotes - providing the dual benefits of
improved productivity and a reduction in the possibility of airline agency
debit memos (ADMs).

Benefits of Amadeus
ATPCO Cat 35 include:

o Faster fare filing and ticketing

* No need to manually load the fare
rules, routings and conditions

* Fully integrated into all Amadeus
fares functionality such as PNR pricing, automated Best Buy processing and
Value Pricer low fare search tool

* No additional training required for
sales and ticketing staff

* Automated pricing and ticketing
streamline the entire sales and documentation process

o Increased security

* Only offices authorised to view and
sell the fares may do so

* Checks at every level of the system
ensure that only approved agencies can display and update fares

o Full BSP reporting

Chris Airey, IT Manager at Key Travel who have been piloting the
product said, “ATPCO Cat 35 fares in Amadeus offers huge time savings
compared to conventional net fare loading. A complex airline contract that
would take days to load manually at the agency can be available for sale in
minutes as an ATPCO Cat 35 fare with a mark up of the agency`s choosing. And
as long as the fare is ticketed as originally loaded in Amadeus, automated
system checks eliminate the possibility of ADMs because in reality, the fare
was loaded by the airline themselves.”


Peter Cacioppo, sales director of Amadeus UK, said “For many years
it has been a complex task for travel agents to manually update contracted
negotiated rates through the GDS systems. Up till now, most travel agents
have either quoted the negotiated fare from the traditional paper contract
or else they have needed to develop or purchase an in-house fares database.

“Amadeus ATPCO Cat 35 will deliver significant operational and
commercial benefits for our customers. When participating airlines load
their negotiated fares via ATPCO, all the agency will need to do is add
their mark-up. This produces tangible business benefits such as faster time
to market and increased flexibility in order to respond to what is a very
dynamic marketplace.”

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