TripAdvisor Announces New Service

has announced a new service to help consumers find special å“web dealså” on the most popular hotels for a given city.
With TripAdvisor’s SmartDeals index, consumers save valuable time and avoid frustration locating the best rates on the highest quality hotels on the web.

While great “negotiated rates” exist on the web for many hotels, consumers have become frustrated with the time and complexity of scouring the Internet and visiting multiple vendor sites to locate these great rates. Additionally, consumers have the added task of verifying if the hotel offering a “web deal” is a decent place to stay. Too often the “too good to be true” deal turns out to be for lousy, undesirable hotel accommodations.

With TripAdvisor`s new SmartDeals index, consumers can place “negotiated hotel rates” in context. The SmartDeals index searches multiple travel supplier sites for special web rates and then groups rates by hotel to facilitate price comparisons. Consumers now need only visit one site to view special rates from several different suppliers.

However, finding a great rate is only part of the equation. Consumers also need to verify if the hotel in question is of a suitable quality level. Traditionally this involves additional research on the web. With TripAdvisor SmartDeals, all of the hotels offering special web deals are already ranked for the consumer using TripAdvisor’s Hotel Popularity Index.



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